Solar Energy in India – Why is it the Need of the Hour?

In the recent years, renewable energy has witnessed a massive push in India and across the globe. Concerns about the deteriorating environment, climate change and the surge in prices of traditional energy have forced the world to rethink its policies about energy consumption. The world is transitioning away from fossil fuels that are already running out faster than ever. The most popular sources of renewable energy used today are solar energy, hydro power, wind energy and biomass. Among these, solar energy in India is the fastest growing green energy due to the numerous advantages it has over the limited and expensive conventional resources.

Solar energy, as the same suggests, is the energy received by the earth in the form of radiation. It is collected either through PV cells or through a complex process using lenses and mirrors and converted into electricity. It has countless benefits which is probably why it has become an obvious choice for a green energy source. In this article, we break down those advantages for you.

Availability: The earth receives excessive amounts of sunlight in just one single day and we are not likely to run out of it anytime soon. It is an inexhaustible source of energy, available in every part of the world. India has immense potential in this sector since it receives a good amount of sunshine for around 300 days a year.

Reduced Cost Burden: Thermal power plants require heavy machinery and regular maintenance. Solar panels do not incur any additional costs besides the initial installation. Even the maintenance costs are minimal as it has no separate moving parts. Moreover, switching to solar power has proven to reduce household electricity bills by more than half.

Health: A reduction in pollution directly translates to cleaner resources. Having access to unpolluted air and water will result in a healthy life. It will significantly reduce ailments like asthma and bronchitis which have become all too common.

Air Pollution: India is among the world’s most polluted countries and switching to solar energy can be a game changer in tackling this problem. It is extremely environmental friendly and does not produce carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. Solar power is a clean alternative to coal and the emission it produces is negligible.

Water Pollution: The world is staring at a water crisis. Every day, massive amounts of water is used in thermal power plants for cooling purposes which is further contributing to the problem. Solar panels on the other hand, do not need any water for its day to operation and maintenance.

Boon for Developing Countries: Even today there are villages that have no access to electricity. Solar energy is affordable, plenty, easy to use and maintain. If utilised efficiently, it can solve majority of our energy related problems and improve the scale of development in the country.

Solar energy in India has witnessed noteworthy progress. With many large scale projects already underway, we can hope for a brighter, cleaner and greener tomorrow.

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